Spiro T Agnew Quotes (7 quotations)

1. A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals. - Spiro T Agnew

2. A tiny and closed fraternity of privileged men, elected by no one, and enjoying a monopoly sanctioned and licensed by government. - Spiro T Agnew

3. Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb. - Spiro T Agnew

4. I didn't say I wouldn't go into ghetto areas. I've been in many of them and to some extent I would say this; if you've seen one city slum, you've seen them all. - Spiro T Agnew

5. In the United States today, we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism. - Spiro T Agnew

6. The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap. - Spiro T Agnew

7. They have formed their own 4-H club-the hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history. - Spiro T Agnew

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