Sam Ervin Quotes (9 quotations)

1. Divine right went out with the American Revolution and doesn't belong to the White House aides. What meat do they eat that makes them grow so great? - Sam Ervin

2. I used to think that the Civil War was our country's greatest tragedy, but I do remember that there were some redeeming features in the Civil War in that there was some spirit of sacrifice and heroism displayed on both sides. I see no redeeming features in Watergate. - Sam Ervin

3. If the many allegations made to this date are true, then the burglars who broke into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate were, in effect, breaking into the home of every citizen. - Sam Ervin

4. I'll have you understand I am running this court, and the law hasn't got a damn thing to do with it! - Sam Ervin

5. I'm not going to let anybody come down at night like Nicodemus and whisper something in my ear that no one else can hear. That is not executive privilege; it is poppycock. - Sam Ervin

6. Polygraph tests are 20th-century witchcraft. - Sam Ervin

7. The President seems to extend executive privilege way out past the atmosphere. What he says is executive privilege is nothing but executive poppycock. - Sam Ervin

8. The rain it raineth on the just / And also on the unjust fella; / But chiefly on the just, because / The unjust steals the just's umbrella. - Sam Ervin

9. There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes or makes it the official duty of a president to have anything to do with criminal activities. - Sam Ervin

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