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I’ll never forget it. It was a rainy Saturday, but a blip of sunshine peeked through the clouds. It seemed there would be a break in the storms for about an hour. This was perfect timing because we had plans to be at the park for a birthday party. While the kids ran around and enjoyed the slides and snacks, it began. Automated calls from our school district announced the closure of school for two weeks before spring break to give three full weeks as a break to clean and manage preparations for the COVID-19 crisis. Our president and governor had declared a state of emergency due to the virus. The kids jumped for joy when they heard the news! No school on Monday! Little did we know, this park party would be the last gathering with friends for many months.

I am an Instructor in a Respiratory Therapy program for a local community college. We had just wrapped up our collegiate Spring Break, but that same day, it was announced that another week of Spring Break would be added for students. Instructors were to use the week to prepare to move all of our classes to an online format for the rest of the semester. I teach several, hands-on, interactive labs, as well as multiple lecture courses. All of my students’ clinical times in the hospitals were suspended. Navigating this transition to online was incredibly trying and I knew, despite my best efforts, my students would miss out on valuable instruction to prepare them for work in the hospitals.

I have three daughters. My oldest is a 6th grader at Dalton Middle School. She is a high achieving student athlete. Right before the pandemic had been declared, the stresses from a full load of the most challenging classes and hours of homework had been mounting. My younger two daughters attend a feeder elementary school, Brookwood, in 3rd grade German Immersion and pre-k.

I would describe our family as your typical, American family. We fill up our schedules with extra curricular activities and live by our calendars to keep it all straight! Dance, basketball, soccer, softball, music lessons, and more filled our days, in addition to my husband and I each working full time jobs. We are active in our church and host a small group bible study regularly in our home. We have out-of-town family that visit regularly and we travel together. Needless to say, the shelter in place situation changed our day to day in a big way! Suddenly, our calendars were empty!

As time crept by, it became clear my children would not be going back to school this school year, in a traditional manner. There were no models for our school districts to follow, but our local district made every effort to maintain the highest quality of instruction for our students via a digital learning platform. For my pre-K student, links for read aloud activities and dancing and yoga were sent every day to keep her active in learning through play. My third grader, had regular zoom meetings with her instructors and daily lessons to work through each subject. My 6th grader, also, attended daily zoom conferences, with instructional lessons and work for each class, including her connections courses that are not part of her core standards.

A new “normal” emerged. Each morning I woke the girls with breakfast delivered from the school district to a park near our home. They would eat and then log on for scheduled meetings and class work. I would check emails, record lectures, and zoom with my students to answer questions. My husband, also, worked from home. So, we were a full house! Even though sometimes it felt like we were on top of eachother, the time together was invaluable. We would walk to the park to pick up lunch. Typically, by lunchtime, my younger two were finished with schoolwork and they would play games or play outside while my oldest finished up schoolwork by mid afternoon.

One of the biggest blessings was having our evenings free from tear-filled homework and running to every corner of our town with full schedules. Instead, we played a lot of card games and finished watching the Marvel movie series in timeline order! We learned how to proof yeast and bake bread from scratch that we shared with our neighbors. While we could focus on all that we missed , instead we honor memories we made in this time together that we will all cherish forever. Between digital dance recitals from living rooms around our town, to birthday party “drive-by’s”, zoom calls for book clubs and bible studies to a new found love for neighborhood family walks, parenting through this pandemic has been an eye-opening experience to cherish the small things!

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Student Voice Given a Platform in Student Council https://justsayingmagazine.com/696/news/student-voice-given-a-platform-in-student-council/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/696/news/student-voice-given-a-platform-in-student-council/#respond Wed, 13 May 2020 11:18:03 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=696 Most educators admit that students are more likely to be engaged and excel in their educational experience if they are given choice and a voice in their learning. That’s true inside and outside the classroom. Around the nation and world, student voice is given a platform through school level Student Councils.

Dalton Middle School is wrapping up its second year of Student Council. Through the Student Council, students get to learn how to make good decisions when given an opportunity. They also learn how to lead. Students always rise to the occasion. 

Student Council President Ali Gutierrez said those who participate in Student Council have to “make sure they would be willing to listen to other classmates’ opinions and keep an open mind.” 

“They really do think hard about it. Usually, they get it right,” explained Student Council co-sponsor Maegan Larimer.

Student Council Vice President Ava White emphasized being given the opportunity to help make decisions when talking about her and her fellow Council officers’ roles. We “are given the opportunity to interact with classmates and make decisions about events such as Homecoming and Spring formal,” stated White. 

For homecoming this year, students sought input from other students about the daily themes and well as the theme and design for the parade float. Senior level officers worked hard to make sure other students had a say. Unfortunately, the spring semi-formal didn’t happen due to school closure, but planning was underway. Students got to affirm a theme, help identify elements of what would go in the ticket package, and even give input on pricing. 

“The adults in the room can tell you it’s tempting to make the decisions. It’s quick. It’s easy. But having student voice play a role is critically important. It is the thing that drives what we do. And so in that spirit, we look forward to another productive year next year, building on the progress we’ve seen so far,” stated Student Council co-sponsor Tom Lee.

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DMS Tri-team Volleyball Program Gains Area Respect https://justsayingmagazine.com/585/sports/dms-tri-team-volleyball-program-gains-area-respect/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/585/sports/dms-tri-team-volleyball-program-gains-area-respect/#respond Tue, 12 May 2020 12:47:54 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=585 After starting with one small group of girls just six years ago, Dalton Middle School now boasts a volleyball program of three full teams that are highly competitive throughout the region.

Christa Mathis, a 6th grade science teacher who began teaching at DMS in 2012 said she suggested the program because she realized the school had a void in its sports listings.  “The program actually started in the fall of 2014.  We wanted to provide our students with the same sports opportunities that surrounding districts were offering.”

Though Mathis is no longer coaching volleyball, DMS has added head varsity coach Jennifer Quinn, junior varsity coaches Ashley Chumley and Keri Forest, and 6th grade coach Kim Swiney.  Quinn, who also coaches the area C4 travel teams, said, “This is only my second year with this varsity team but their willingness to be coachable and to really learn the game of volleyball in such a short amount of time is astounding.”  Quinn’s current varsity team just finished their season with a 25-2 record, with jv and 6th grade finishing close behind.

8th grade varsity player Grace Ridley added, “We’ve done well because our group has just meshed, and our bond is strong.”  Her mother, Holly Ridley, said that the program is definitely more than just providing strong skills in the sport.  “Not only has Coach Quinn provided the girls with excellent coaching in volleyball, but as a parent I am thankful our girls have had a strong woman who is intelligent, hard-working, and unapologetic about being the best you can be as a role model.  It’s hard to find women today you want your little girl to look up to.”

Sixth grade coach Kim Swiney stated, “Over the course of the season, we quickly developed team chemistry which translated to better performance on the court.”  Swiney, who has also joined year-around volleyball coaching, hopes to watch the girls grow throughout their middle school careers.

6th grader Abby Triplett says the younger players look up to the varsity team and once piled in after a practice to drive to Ringgold to support the older girls from the sidelines.

Emilee Stansell, 6th grader, said, “We all work together and cheer each other on.  Our coaches are tough on us but I feel like they have really helped us get through moments when we’ve doubted ourselves.”

Now under the leadership of Athletic Director Orgena Alexander, the Cougar volleyball program is highly competitive, having to turn away players each season.  With many players moving to year-around volleyball as their primary sport, Quinn believes that volleyball will soon be a sport Dalton is known for, and there’s nothing that would make her happier.

Grace Ridley says when the school session ends, she just waits for C4 travel league.  “I’d like to tell other people that in volleyball you just have to jump a lot, but honestly it’s mostly about relationships and mental strength.  Volleyball is a way of life.”

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Hispanic Delicacies Surface During Quarantine https://justsayingmagazine.com/691/health/hispanic-delicacies-surface-during-quarantine/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/691/health/hispanic-delicacies-surface-during-quarantine/#respond Mon, 11 May 2020 11:18:39 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=691

Ever had Mexican food? Well if you haven’t it’s delicious, especially my mom’s (Teresa’s) cooking. We are going to look into Teresa’s Hispanic cooking only it’s a bit different now because of struggles during quarantine.


Deep-Fried Quesadillas

At first, when there wasn’t any COVID-19, Teresa was cooking simple, yet delicious, dishes like the ones you see in Mexican restaurants. She used to use a large number of various ingredients to make big amounts of food for our family. Now she uses fewer ingredients and less of those ingredients and makes smaller amounts of food.  Also, she cooks more often than before. “I cook more at home, but I use fewer ingredients than before because of trying to do social distancing to take care of ourselves,” said Teresa while organizing her ingredients.


Types of Hispanic Food

There are many different types of Hispanic foods. Some are sweet, others are spicy, salty, or savory. A few of them are:

Tamales- Cornmeal paste or masa wrapped in corn or banana husks (the wrapper) and often stuffed with chicken, cheese, chilies and cheese, pork or turkey, then steamed

Flautas- Deep fried, stuffed corn tortillas and are filled with chicken, cheese, or beef and are topped off with sour cream or guacamole

Deep-Fried Quesadillas- Cornmeal paste or masa deep-fried with a filling of cheese with sour cream and cheese on top with avocado, lettuce, and chilly sauce on the side

Elote- Grilled corn

Corn or Maíz- Dried corn with usually lime, salt, mayo, cheese, and tajin (This is how I eat it)

Traditional Cooking in my Family

In my family, we have a few traditions with food that we do every year. To me, they are very special and it wouldn’t feel the same if we stopped doing them. With that being said, some food traditions are:

On New Years we make Pozole (Pozole is a traditional soup/ stew from Mexican cuisine. It contains hominy, pork or chicken, potatoes, carrot, etc.)

On January 6 or Dia de Los Reyes Magos, we eat Rosca de Reyes and make Chocolate Abuelita. Rosca de Reyes is a Hispanic pastry and Chocolate Abuelita is like chocolate milk, but the milk is usually heated on a stove and you must use Chocolate Abuelita (A brand of chocolate) and the chocolate melts in the milk while someone stirs it on the stove while still heating.

On January 24 or my birthday, we always make Carne Asada. Carne Asada is a dish of grilled beef, usually skirt steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin steak, or rib steak.

On July 20, My brother’s birthday, we always make hamburgers and hotdogs.

December 24 and 25 or Christmas Eve and Christmas, we always make tamales. Cheese tamales for the kids and cheese and chilly and chicken ones for the adults. We also make abuelitos(a type of tamale that has only masa).

Lastly, whenever my Abuelita or Grandma comes from Mexico she brings us many treats like Mexican chips, Mexican candy, Mexican cheese, Mexican Pumpkin seeds, Mexican bread, etc.


Teresa’s Opinion on Food

When I interviewed my mother, I asked her about the many memories I have of her in the kitchen.  When asked about her thoughts about her own cooking and what her favorite Mexican foods were, she responded, “I think it’s easy to make, quick to make, and delicious, and it would have to be either Tacos de adobada or Tamales.” (I personally think Tamales are better!)My mother took a moment to discuss the meaning of food to her and the way she feels about it in connection to our family.  She said, “To me, meals are a special time where we get together to eat food I have prepared or in another case a time when we can cook together.” My mother’s sister Nancy also loves her cooking and stated that her deep-fried quesadillas were her absolute favorite.


Finally I spoke to two friends about how COVID-19 has affected their options of Mexican food. Bridgette Arana, DMS student, said that she has started to eat more Mexican food, while Victoria Amaro said that she doesn’t go out to eat at Mexican restaurants. “When my grandma makes a lot of food, we go over to her house.”  Both young women discussed ways that the quarantine has changed the way their families eat, and while many Hispanic foods are easy to prepare and can be done by a middle school student, it’s so much better having a parent at home who can really cook.


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Crafting Can Take Your Mind Off Stress https://justsayingmagazine.com/679/arts-culture/crafting-can-take-your-mind-off-stress/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/679/arts-culture/crafting-can-take-your-mind-off-stress/#respond Mon, 11 May 2020 10:25:50 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=679

During the current pandemic lock down, many community members feel scared and stressed. Hoping to keep your job, having to go to town to get groceries, and trying to stay “busy” with things for you to do- and possibly your kids, all add stress that wasn’t there before. Have you tried to take your mind off things by doing something? Has it worked?

Crafting or “DIYing” has proven to reduce stress, help you focus, and it hones your creativity.  There are many projects out there that families can work on together that cost little to no money.

What types of crafting or DIYing are there, you ask?

Well, there is coloring. Something that you can do to color if you don’t have a coloring book is print out a black-and-white picture from the internet, and then color it with whatever you may have. Colored pencils, crayons, markers. Whatever! Another one is sketching or doodling. Go around your house and find a pretty picture or scene and then sketch it, or just doodle random things and fill your paper with doodles! Something else is painting. Get a canvas, a piece of wood, or cardboard, find some paints, then paint whatever your heart desires. Don’t have any paints? Make some from nature around you! It is proven that this can help you relax, so try it out!

How Can It Affect Me?

It has been proven that crafting can reduce stress. An article titled, “How Crafting Can Reduce Stress and Benefit Your Life” says, “Participating in a craft or hobby can strengthen your confidence in your own abilities to complete a project. It is a reminder to yourself that you are talented and should not give up. Doing crafts and creative projects also diverts your focus from your anxieties and relaxes your body.

So if you feel like you are losing control over your life, start a craft project to help deal with the chaos surrounding you.  The article “The Health and Mental Benefits of Crafting” states, “The voluntary mental focus applied while crafting and sense of accomplishment when finished, provide emotions that can be hard to attain when cycling through the daily routine.”

Not only can crafting help lower your stress and get your mind off things, but there are also other health benefits attributed to crafting. Improve your mood, boost your brainpower, increase social activity & communal support, helps with hand-eye coordination, and can help fight aging. Crafting can help with anything!

So, we have seen how it can affect us, but what are the results? Here are two people who have been crafting. “I have been DIYing a lot during the lock down. I have done a lot of yard work and I have also built a loft for each of my children.

Has this helped you calm down and/or vent your feelings?

Not the yard work- it has just made me tired, but the lofts have because it’s creative and a really cool thing to do for my kids.” Wyatt Smith, middle school parent. 

With Amanda Parsons, middle school parent, she adds, “I have been doing jigsaw puzzles. I am also about to redo a wall mirror for my daughter’s bedroom. Working on jigsaw puzzles relaxes me and makes me feel calm. The mirror project is exciting because I’m taking something old and giving it a new life.” Has crafting raised your spirits and/or made you happier since you first started?  “Yes! It is invigorating to bring an old object back to life.”

Overall, crafting can have a positive impact on someone, regardless of age, ability level or income. It can help reduce stress, help you focus, improve your mood, boost your brainpower, and help with hand-eye coordination. So next time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a little break and start a new craft or DIY.

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Female Athletes: Why Are They Still Paid Less? https://justsayingmagazine.com/624/sports/female-athletes-why-are-they-still-paid-less/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/624/sports/female-athletes-why-are-they-still-paid-less/#respond Sun, 10 May 2020 20:18:37 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=624 In February 1869, a letter was sent to the editor of the New York Times asking why women that worked in the government didn’t get paid as much as the men.

Women were getting paid half the salary as men all the while still raising children. It took from 1869 to 1963 to make progress in this area when The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed on June 10th by President John F. Kennedy.

The act was put in place to do away with the wage difference based on gender; but let’s face it, women still get far less money than men. Let’s compare women’s pay verses the men in sports.

Throughout history male sports teams have been given more money, time, and attention. WNBA players’ salaries constitutes 22 percent of league revenue, while the NBA player salaries are 50 percent of league revenue.

In 2018 Forbes announced that the list of the top 100 highest – paid athletes are all males. Only 83% of sports now reward men and women equally.  According to Forbes, the NBA generated $7.4 billion in 2017 in comparison to the WNBA’s $25 million. However, the starting salary for the women’s league is $50,000, whereas the minimum salary for a professional NBA player is $582,180.

The Women USA Soccer Team have made history by winning four World Cups while the Men’s USA Soccer Team haven’t won a single one, yet the men get paid a significant amount more. The women’s team have also won more medals in the Olympics while the men haven’t even placed to qualify in the Olympics.  Still, the women’s team get paid 10-60% of what the mean get paid. It seems that the women are getting all the glory while the men get the paid the big bucks.

Even in the 21st century, women still make an average of .79 on the dollar to men. We have come a long way and it has taken many years to get where we are but it seems we still have a long way to go.





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Character: The Overlooked Achievement https://justsayingmagazine.com/621/news/character-the-overlooked-achievement/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/621/news/character-the-overlooked-achievement/#respond Sat, 09 May 2020 19:26:10 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=621 Imagine a little sixth-grader, feeling scared and slightly nauseous at the idea of starting a new grade at a new school surrounded by new people, walking in on the first day. He peers around, standing on his tiptoes to see over everyone else’s shoulders. He spots his best friend from fifth grade standing a few yards away. As he debates whether to journey through the sea of kids pushing him further and further away from his friend, a big, tall eighth-grader at least twice his size overlooks the boy and smashes right into him.

All of the students standing around the sudden commotion just watch as the little boy flies through the air and lands on the ground. All of the students watch the kid as he sits against the wall and cries. All except one. An eighth-grade girl sees the whole thing and feels horrible for the little boy. She pushes through the crowd of students who were getting a laugh out of the whole ordeal and helps the little boy to his feet. He slowly looks up and meets her eyes. She asks if he is okay and he nods. She then walks the boy to his class.

Imagine how that little boy felt when he was suddenly flying through the air. Imagine how he felt when everyone started laughing at him. It was probably the most humiliating experience he had ever been through. But imagine how he felt when that one girl picked him back up and walked him to class. That probably turned his perspective around.

Time after time, students are awarded for academic success. But it is just as important to recognize true good deeds. Students that display good character toward others deserve to be recognized.

DMS Assistant Principal, Brandon Headrick, states, “There are some things that we, as administrators, don’t recognize that we should. One of these things he is character. We don’t really give awards for that, but sometimes having good character is something that really matters in our society.”  As Headrick considers his position, now in charge of the 7th grade, he concludes, “Having good character doesn’t show that you’re weak. That’s what a lot of people assume – that someone who always does the right thing is weak, but the opposite is true. It shows that you’re in control.”

In our community and across the country, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that even a simple act of kindness such as holding the door for someone or saying “good morning” to them is enough to make his or her entire day.

Mr. Phillips, the 8th grade Assistant Principal, also says that “the most important thing is to be a good human being.” Being kind, being thoughtful, and being an overall good person is something everyone should strive to do.

Ms. Lawson, the 6th grade Assistant Principal, adds, “I think it is so important that students try and that they persist.” This is important not only in academics but also outside of the classroom. It is crucial for students to develop social skills in school as well as expand their knowledge.

Maybe that little boy never saw that girl again after his encounter with her on the first day of middle school. Maybe he was never run into again. But he definitely never forgot the girl who saved him on his first day of middle school. Maybe that girl was never recognized for her good deed. But she should have been.


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Online Church is Booming Around the Country https://justsayingmagazine.com/670/community/online-church-is-booming-around-the-country/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/670/community/online-church-is-booming-around-the-country/#respond Sat, 09 May 2020 14:38:30 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=670

Churches around the U.S. are implementing digital services to their fellowship options, and millions of people tune in every Sunday to get their weekly sermon. After all, state governors closed nearly every public area churches needed to find a way to continue their practices.

Many churches resorted to using Facebook Live to broadcast their message, but some have shared Bible verses and scriptures through the daily paper. Now, Facebook Live is the most popular streaming service but Youtube Live and SermonCast are also very popular.  Diane Adcock, a member of The United Methodist Church thinks there are actually many benefits from participating in streamed services.

Adcock enjoys that “you can tune in wherever whenever and that the sermons are recorded so you can watch after the fact.” She also feels like her church is attacking the issue the right way by being “understanding of the struggle we are all in right now and they are doing everything they can to make the sermons great.”

Though Adcock admits that there are some disadvantages by having to be at home, she remains positive. “Usually people will go and eat the meals that the church prepares every Wednesday. It is a time for our fellowship to socialize with one another and become closer as a group.”  While trying to focus on the benefits, she hopes to be back in the pews soon.

Due to the pews being empty in reaction to the quarantine, people are now having to adapt to the online services. With no one in the pews, preachers look out to an empty crowd. One preacher actually taped the faces of people onto the pews so he “felt their presence.”

Actually, there have been more viewers tuning in on the online sermons than some would think. People are also taking this time to reflect on what church really means and coming together in new ways that will surely carry over past the quarantine.  Some youth pastors are posting bible-related videos on Instagram or Facebook so the younger members can watch them, and this seems to be reaching a new crowd.  Most people hope life goes back to the old normal soon; however, the new normal might help church leaders think outside of the box about ways of reaching their congregation, as well as those who still haven’t found a spiritual home.

Youth Fellowship

Youth pastors everywhere are holding conferences to continue youth fellowship.   For some kids that is one of the only ways they can talk to their friends since everyone is so secluded. Drew Snyder, a youth member of Dalton’s Christ Church, loves the fact that he can “communicate with his youth group during this time.” He wishes he could be there to talk to his friends in person but “at least we can do something.”

Snyder also feels that the online connection does not provide the fun that was always there at youth group, something that just can’t happen unless people connect in person.  An adult member of the church, Allyson Chappelle, had many thoughts about the new quarantine service.  “I love the fact that I can do laundry or wash the dishes while watching.” 

Chappelle also reflected about the flexibility of the new setup.  “There are no worries about running late and having to get your kids dressed.”  However, she admits that church members struggle with the lack of connection that once happened with in-person fellowship.

Like teachers, ministers have struggled to be away from their congregations and the connections that the group presents to them.  In Florida, a pastor by the name of Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested for not obeying preaching laws. After he conducted many services with in house attendees, he was addressed by authorities. People had been urging him for weeks but he still hadn’t closed down. He was considered reckless for his acts upon his church members.

Local Dalton churches are all trying to reach their congregations in the healthiest ways at this time, from Zoom meetings to Facebook Live broadcasts.  Continuing Biblical practices is a great thing to do while community members must safely remain at home and not gather in groups.  Spiritual connection can bring people together in big ways.  Reach out to one of the local churches if you are feeling isolated and need more connection.


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Quarantine Affects Mental Health https://justsayingmagazine.com/668/uncategorized/quarantine-affects-mental-health/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/668/uncategorized/quarantine-affects-mental-health/#respond Sat, 09 May 2020 14:14:12 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=668

During these hard times of the Covid-19 quarantine, there are a lot of questions that need answering. One of those questions would be, “Does this quarantine affect people mentally?”

Not all of those interviewed felt the same. Knox Rollins, a 6th grader at Dalton Middle School, stated, “For me personally it has been challenging because it’s a different routine.  However, I haven’t been majorly affected mentally. Sometimes staying focused, thinking about the task at hand, it’s really easy to lose focus.  Those are some daily challenges.”

Knox thinks about the closing of school after the past seven weeks at home.  “I’m holding just fine. I have been watching movies and other things with my family to keep myself busy and distracted.”

8th grader Seth Beam added his thoughts,  “I’m fine; it’s not affecting me mentally too much. My daily struggles are I can’t see my friends or do other things like that.”

The online world is revved up about the array of struggles children and adults face during this time. TheLancet.com says “The December 2019 Corona virus disease outbreak has seen many countries ask people who have potentially come into contact with the infection to isolate themselves at home or in a dedicated quarantine facility. Decisions on how to apply quarantine should be based on the best available evidence.”

FaceTime isn’t Enough

During these times of sheltering in place, people long to see their friends.  Many would say say they’ve been pulled away from each other.  

The CDC website gives a list of how the outbreak can be stressful:

Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones

Changes in sleep or eating patterns

Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

Worsening of chronic health problems

Worsening of mental health conditions

In conclusion, the answer to the question is yes, quarantine and self-isolation can cause mental stress. With all of this going around we can still do our part by staying at home and trying not to go stir-crazy.

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Mixed Responses to Extended Digital Learning https://justsayingmagazine.com/665/news/mixed-responses-to-extended-digital-learning/ https://justsayingmagazine.com/665/news/mixed-responses-to-extended-digital-learning/#respond Sat, 09 May 2020 13:22:52 +0000 https://justsayingmagazine.com/?p=665

Life in Quarantine

Over the past few months Covid-19 has caused drastic changes in people’s lives around the world. With thousands of people getting sick from the deadly virus known as Covid-19, it has caused the United States to go under quarantine to make sure everyone stays safe.  In addition, school leaders had to insure that all staff and students remained safe and therefore all American schools shut down, most for the remainder of the school year.

In Dalton, Georgia students are encountering an array of difficulties with digital learning ever since the shut down. “Covid-19 has caused me to lose concentration”, says student Laila Wahid.  “Home is just not the right place to do work for children, because of all its distractions their house may contain.”

It is also hard for children who are used to have a teacher physically present to help instead of having to wait for a zoom meeting or send emails if they have questions.  The changes in classroom setup has also been hard on teachers because they have to keep their students on track, while many are parents themselves and also have to help their own children.  The separation from the quarantine makes it harder for teachers to check their students’ learning because they can no longer see if their students are distracted or not. Some students may also avoid doing their assignments or completely ignore them, including any emails from teachers. 

Covid-19 isn’t only affecting the teachers and students, but also all families and workers. In many home parents are still having to leave the house to work or in some cases have been laid off and are getting no income or reduced income.  In Dalton most people work in carpet mills or in a business relating to flooring production.   So in those plants there are many workers in the same space.

“My work environment is very challenging. But we are creating and implementing a plan to make it a safer place  ,” says DMS parent Luis Prieto.  “We have a very strong safety culture in my department and would like to continue to build off of that.  We are finding new ways to communicate with each other and implementing control measure to maintain social distancing.”  Prieto continues, “Since Covid-19 happened there has been panic, and schools have been shut down.”  

Though Prieto says his plant was shut down for a week or so, he feels confident that his company will be able to clean the whole plant and keep the workers safe.  Times are tough but he remains positive for his family and co-workers.  “We will get through this together.” 

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