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1. A companion's words of persuasion are effective. - Homer

2. A councilor ought not to sleep the whole night through, a man to whom the populace is entrusted, and who has many responsibilities. - Homer

3. A generation of men is like a generation of leaves; the wind scatters some leaves upon the ground, while others the burgeoning wood brings forth - and the season of spring comes on. So of men one generation springs forth and another ceases. - Homer

4. A multitude of rulers is not a good thing. Let there be one ruler, one king. - Homer

5. A small rock holds back a great wave. - Homer

6. A young man is embarrassed to question an older one. - Homer

7. All men have need of the gods. - Homer

8. All strangers and beggars are from Zeus, and a gift, though small, is precious. - Homer

9. Among all men on the earth bards have a share of honor and reverence, because the muse has taught them songs and loves the race of bards. - Homer

10. At last is Hector stretch'd upon the plain, Who fear'd no vengeance for Patroclus slain: Then, Prince! You should have fear'd, what now you feel; Achilles absent was Achilles still: Yet a short space the great avenger stayed, Then low in dust thy strength and glory laid. - Homer

11. By their own follies they perished, the fools. - Homer

12. Do thou restrain the haughty spirit in thy breast, for better far is gentle courtesy. - Homer

13. Dreams surely are difficult, confusing, and not everything in them is brought to pass for mankind. For fleeting dreams have two gates: one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those which pass through the one of sawn ivory are deceptive, bringing tidings which come to nought, but those which issue from the one of polished horn bring true results when a mortal sees them. - Homer

14. Even his griefs are a joy long after to one that remembers all that he wrought and endured. - Homer

15. Even when someone battles hard, there is an equal portion for one who lingers behind, and in the same honor are held both the coward and the brave man; the idle man and he who has done much meet death alike. - Homer

16. Evil deeds do not prosper; the slow man catches up with the swift. - Homer

17. For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers. - Homer

18. Hateful to me as are the gates of hell, Is he who, hiding one thing in his heart, Utters another. - Homer

19. Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another. - Homer

20. He knew the things that were and the things that would be and the things that had been before. - Homer

21. He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dread fray. - Homer

22. I detest that man who hides one thing in the depths of his heart, and speaks for another. - Homer

23. I should rather labor as another's serf, in the home of a man without fortune, one whose livelihood was meager, than rule over all the departed dead. - Homer

24. I too shall lie in the dust when I am dead, but now let me win noble renown. - Homer

25. If you are very valiant, it is a god, I think, who gave you this gift. - Homer

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