John LeCarre Quotes (9 quotations)

1. Agents of disruption, subversion, sabotage and disinformation tunnelers and smugglers, listeners and forgers, trainers and recruiters and talent spotters and couriers and watchers and seducers, assassins and balloonists, lip readers and disguise artists. - John LeCarre

2. Berlin. What a garrison of spies! what a cabinet full of useless, liquid secrets, what a playground for every alchemist, miracle worker and rat piper that ever took up the cloak. - John LeCarre

3. Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bouillon cubes. - John LeCarre

4. History keeps her secrets longer than most of us. But she has one secret that I will reveal to you tonight in the greatest confidence. Sometimes there are no winners at all. And sometimes nobody needs to lose. - John LeCarre

5. Love is whatever you can still betray Betrayal can only happen if you love. - John LeCarre

6. The monsters of our childhood do not fade away, neither are they ever wholly monstrous. But neither, in my experience, do we ever reach a plane of detachment regarding our parents, however wise and old we may become. To pretend otherwise is to cheat. - John LeCarre

7. The only reward for love is the experience of loving. - John LeCarre

8. Writing is like walking in a deserted street. Out of the dust in the street you make a mud pie. - John LeCarre

9. You should have died when I killed you. - John LeCarre

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