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1. A game that requires the constant conjuring of animosity. - Vince T Lombardi

2. A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. - Vince T Lombardi

3. Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. - Vince T Lombardi

4. Dancing is a contact sport. Football is a hitting sport. - Vince T Lombardi

5. Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price. - Vince T Lombardi

6. Fatigue makes cowards of us all. - Vince T Lombardi

7. I am the Fred Astaire of karate. - Vince T Lombardi

8. I don't think there's a punch-line scheduled, is there? - Vince T Lombardi

9. I will demand a commitment to excellence and to victory, and that is what life is all about. - Vince T Lombardi

10. If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? - Vince T Lombardi

11. If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? - Vince T Lombardi

12. If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm. - Vince T Lombardi

13. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail. - Vince T Lombardi

14. In great attempts, it is even glorious to fail. - Vince T Lombardi

15. Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. - Vince T Lombardi

16. It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. - Vince T Lombardi

17. Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. - Vince T Lombardi

18. Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. - Vince T Lombardi

19. Mental toughness is essential to success. - Vince T Lombardi

20. Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal. - Vince T Lombardi

21. Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser. - Vince T Lombardi

22. Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things-blocking and tackling. - Vince T Lombardi

23. The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. - Vince T Lombardi

24. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. - Vince T Lombardi

25. The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. - Vince T Lombardi

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