Mencius Quotes (12 quotations)

1. Every duty is a charge, but the charge of oneself is the root of all others. - Mencius

2. Evil exists to glorify the good. Evil is negative good. It is a relative term. Evil can be transmuted into good. What is evil to one at one time, becomes good at another time to somebody else. - Mencius

3. Friendship is one mind in two bodies. - Mencius

4. Great is the man who has not lost his childlike heart. - Mencius

5. Kindly words do not enter so deeply into men as a reputation for kindness. - Mencius

6. Let not a man do what his sense of right bids him not to do, nor desire what it forbids him to desire. This is sufficient. The skillful artist will not alter his measures for the sake of a stupid workman. - Mencius

7. Mankind fears an evil man but heaven does not. - Mencius

8. Men must be decided on what they will not do, and then they are able to act with vigor in what they ought to do. - Mencius

9. Never has a man who has bent himself been able to make others straight. - Mencius

10. Sincerity is the way of Heaven. - Mencius

11. Strive with thy thoughts unclean before they overpower thee. Use them as they will thee, for if thou sparest them and they take root and grow, know well, these thoughts will overpower and kill thee. Beware! Suffer not their shadow to approach. For it will grow, increase in size and power, and then this thing of darkness will absorb thy being before thou hast well realized the black foul monster's presence. - Mencius

12. The great man is he who does not lose his child-heart. He does not think beforehand that his words shall be sincere, nor that his acts shall be resolute; he simply abides in the right. - Mencius

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